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Application Insights Resource Meeting Justice40
Presented By Kerene Tayloe, Esq.
The US Department of Energy’s application of the White House’s Justice40 initiative is the most rigorous among all Federal departments and agencies and the resources they have created to help applicants understand Justice40 and the Community Benefits Plan are the most robust. Since the Community Benefit Plan counts for up to 20 percent of an application’s score, these resources are like gold! Kerene Tayloe, who helps lead the DOE Community Benefits Plan team, will hold 3 insights sessions on the Justice40 and Community Benefits Plan during Day 2 of the Summit. This session will be open to primes, MBEs, and others interested in hearing direct from the source about this important aspect of IIJA and other DOE funding opportunities.
IIJA, Community Benefits Plans, and Justice40: Insights for Utilities and Regulators
The IIJA (Bipartisan Infrastructure Law) and other Federal funding streams are now available to utility companies in ways never before and these funding opportunities also are engaging state utlity regulators in new ways. In this session, we’ll hear look at the IIJA/BIL, Justice40 and the Community Benefits Plan through the lens of utility and regulatory leadership. + What is Justice40 and the Community Benefits Plan and how is this evinced in proposal and payable milestones? + How should companies approach them and what are some best ways to build on solid work already undertaken as well as assess the level of excellence the company’s work is attaining? + As a regulator in a state with multiple IIJA projects, how important will the Justice40 and project CBPs be and what is the regulator’s role?
Demystifying Federal Contracts
Presented By Beverly Kuykendall
The session is designed to help participants demystify some of the key elements of federal contracting. Set up and preparation to do business with the government, contract award, marketing the contract and the HOLY GRAIL, obtaining an actual order. Federal Contracting in its entirety cannot be covered in an hour, rather, this session is designed to provide an overview of and then dive into the specificity of moving past the excitement of being awarded a federal Indefinite-Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract and into what needs to happen next to generate orders against the contract. FSS, GSA, BPAs, ECATs, DAPAs, Incentive Agreements. Links to key sites and resources will be shared.
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